Liu Xi, 

2017 Wonder Foto Day  Jury Award  

2019 Wonder Foto Day  Jury Award  

2023 Rotterdam Photo



If a picture represents one of the worlds, is it possible to combine the different worlds or is it possible to integrate them into one whole? And will the integrated world produce more wonderful semantics?
I hope the form of splicing with the two couplets of the photos can bring a synaesthesia type of reading experience, which is visual as well as having a literary imagination. The relationship between the two pictures can not only be mutual complementation in coordination, but also can create a tension in the conflicts. They can create the brightness with the same breath in a progressive way and can also bring in the hidden soft voice in a certain link while they are be strangers to each other.
There is a wonderful relationship and magnetic power between them; like two phrases with vague meanings, they are integrated into a kind of "reading" according to the way of poetry. "All scene language is also all love language ", in which Guowei Wang has taken the scene as language, which is my mood when I press the shutter when I am facing the "landscape".